Air Filter Advice

How to change your air filter

Breathe Easy

Never changed an air filter? It might be the easiest thing you do all day. Your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system works pretty hard, so regular maintenance helps keep it running smoothly and can help it last longer. What to do:

  • Check your owner’s manual or the side of your existing filter to identify the right number and size filter. When you’re at the store to buy a new filter (most home improvement stores keep tons of sizes in-stock), keep in mind that the less transparent a filter is, the more pollutants and debris it will capture. If you have pets, look for a filter that’s just for them—made to collect pet dander and hair.
  • Back at home, make sure the unit is off (you can be extra sure by turning it off at the breaker, but that’s not truly necessary). Remove the intake cover and remove the old filter.
  • Insert the new filter by simply sliding it into place.
  • Turn the unit back on and check to make sure your desired settings are still in place.

Now kick back and enjoy breathing a little easier. Mark your calendar for 4-6 weeks and check your filter again. When it’s well-coated with dust particles so that the original filter fibers are barely visible, it’s time to replace it again.