Manufactured Mobile Home Delivery

Once your TRU manufactured home is built, we’ll get it on the road to be delivered to its new forever home—your address. For a home that’s in-stock, the average time for delivery and setup is 3-4 weeks after an order is placed. If your land is all set and your building permits are in-place (more on those under Land & Setup), you could move in sooner. Contact your local home center for more information on average delivery timeframes for your specific home.

There is a charge for delivery and installation, and variables like your home’s size, the distance between where you are and where your home is built and type of lot where your home will be located will determine the actual cost.

Your TRU authorized retailer can give you a better idea on both timing and pricing for delivery and installation based on your specific situation—let them know which home you love and they’ll let you know what’s possible.