Vinyl Siding Tips

How to care for and clean your vinyl siding

What’s Outside Counts

A durable, versatile and resilient building material, vinyl siding is the perfect no-nonsense protector for the outside of your home. And luckily, it’s easy to clean. Here are two ways you can keep yours looking like new:

Routine Cleaning

  • Mix a mild detergent with water in a bucket. Select a long-handled, soft-bristled brush and dunk it into the bucket, then gently scrub the siding. To prevent streaking, start at the bottom and work in five foot sections up toward the top of the home.
  • To remove stubborn mold, mix an outdoor-friendly bleach with water (instead of soap—in fact, never mix bleach with soap) and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse immediately with a hose or buckets of water. If you’re concerned about landscaping, use a solution of one gallon of water mixed with one cup oxygen bleach in your bucket.
  • Always avoid using highly-abrasive scrubbers or steel wool, as these can permanently damage vinyl siding.

Pressure Washing

Another effective way to clean your vinyl siding is using a pressure washer.

  • Most pressure washers come with an injector that automatically adds a cleaning solution into the jet stream. Add a water hookup plus mild detergent solution of your choice and you’re ready to spray.
  • Apply the soap mixture under low pressure using smooth, overlapping strokes. To prevent streaking, start from the bottom and work your way up.
  • Use caution and avoid aiming the pressure washer at openings like windows, doors and plumbing connections. Also avoid spraying directly at eaves, vents and light fixtures.
  • When you’re ready to rinse, hold the wand a few feet from the surface and gently move closer if additional cleaning power is needed—just make sure you’re not damaging your vinyl by using too much pressure.

That’s a wrap. When kept clean and properly cared for, vinyl siding can provide years of trouble-free protection for the outside of your home.