Getting Ready

Getting ready to buy a manufactured home

Prep for a New Start

Along with freedom comes some responsibility, but what’s enjoyed in return is priceless. Before you start the buying process, take these steps to get ready for the responsibility part of it all. And get excited—your fresh start begins right now.

Crunch Some Numbers

Add up your total monthly expenses—what you spend on gas, food, cable—anything you consider a necessity. Subtract that number from your monthly income. Now, consider putting some of what’s leftover into a savings or emergency funds account. Is there enough left to cover a monthly home payment, plus new expenses like homeowner’s insurance and routine maintenance like light bulb and air filter replacements? If so, you’re in business. If not, make a plan to start saving, pick up more work when you can, or ask for a raise at your job. Hey, you only live once. Why not?

Get to Know Your Credit Score

Oh, how a little three-digit number can change things. Contact a credit bureau to learn what your credit score is. If you’re considering applying for a home loan, your credit score will help you (and your lender) better understand your qualifications for certain financing options. Once you know your score, feel free to call a lender and ask them to help you learn where you stand—that’s part of their job and they’re happy to do it.

Know What’s Next  

As you’re budgeting and planning to buy your prefab home, consider these next steps that will follow your home’s purchase:

  • Delivery: A one-time cost for your home being moved from where it’s built to your brand new address.
  • Land & Setup: Do you own land? A copy of the land deed (and plot map if available) will be necessary and helpful during the buying process. Some additional things to estimate into the cost of home setup on your land:
    • Adding interior & exterior trim
    • Foundation & Skirting
    • HVAC
    • Deck / Porch / Steps
    • Utility hookups
  • Financing: Our retail home centers work with many lenders. You’ll choose which lender is best for you.

Below you can read more information about each of these steps. We’re here to help you learn as much as possible and answer any tough questions you have.