Land & Setup

Things to consider about land and setup of a manufactured home


Ah, your very own slice of the world. The land where you’ll live in your very own home is an important part of the home buying process. Here’s an idea of what to have and what to expect:

What to Have

  • A copy of your land deed and a land plot map, if possible, or a land lease agreement from the mobile home community of your choice
  • You’ll be responsible for getting local building permits to allow for the placement of a manufactured home on your land

What to Expect

  • Your title company (a company you’ll select during the buying process in addition to your lender) will order a title commitment on the land to make sure there are no existing liens or judgments attached to your land (so, they’ll make sure what’s yours is, well, yours)
  • Your lender will order an appraisal of your property to determine the value
  • In some cases, an initial survey may be ordered of both your land and the final placement of the home plus all other items financed in your loan (well, septic, electricity and other utility placements, a driveway, etc.)


We’re here to help you find a home—and get it set up and running so all you have to do is move in and kick back. The cost of setup and additional items below will depend on your exact home, lender allowances, etc., but here’s an idea of what we can facilitate during home setup:

  • Adding interior + exterior trim
  • Foundation
  • Skirting
  • HVAC
  • Deck / Porch / Steps
  • Utility hookups

For a home that’s in-stock, the average time for delivery and setup is 3-4 weeks after an order is placed. If your land is all set and your building permits are in-place, you could move in sooner. Contact your local home center for more information on average delivery timeframes for your specific home.